Commitment to Inclusivity


Oz is as diverse as the rainbow

L. Frank Baum's series is a colorful world full of people who've lived a variety of experiences. Hit the Bricks will be no different. We strive to include voices that fully shape and deepen the world of Oz. This includes characters who are people of color, queer, disabled, and as unique as every creative character from the world we all know and love. We will do everything within our power to consult and include these voices from reality as well, to make this story authentic and inclusive. Not just for the sake of inclusivity, but to build a better story. 

We will also work to make Hit the Bricks accessible. We will include the scripts with every episode for anyone to follow along with, regardless of hearing impairment. We will also be working on ways to branch the narrative out from just audio, giving the audience ways to engage that involve all of the senses. 

Only by embracing and recognizing our uniqueness and individuality can we really be brought together.