Hit the Bricks has gained positive feedback with its pilot presentation from various voices across our communities and sits on iTunes with a composite score of five stars. With only a pilot presentation, Hit the Bricks has over 2000 downloads, has been nominated for an Audioverse Award, and has been featured on Radio Public's Indie Shows to Watch Out For.

Here's what some of you have to say about Hit the Bricks:

  • "Jessi Hugson is a modern Dorothy lost and wandering through this world and Oz in a network of dreams. Readers of the Oz series who listen to this new audio drama will be pleased to find the Little Pink Bear (Lost Princess of Oz), Button-Bright (Road to Oz), the Wise Donkey and the Foolish Owl (Patchwork Girl of Oz) in the pilot story. From taking flight with the Magic Umbrella, to hearing advice lifted straight from the pages of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, PJ Scott-Blankenship creatively pulls the Oz of L. Frank Baum into today's times. Mysteries and adventures are clearly just around the corner -- one I strongly suspect will be paved with yellow bricks." - Jane Albright, President of the International Wizard of Oz Club

  • "This pilot episode for an upcoming audio fiction set in the world of Oz was one of the most truly kindhearted, whimsical, nostalgic pieces from 2018, wrapped up in lovely music and earnest performances. Setting a story in the world of Oz could have skewed too twee, too saccharine, or too ironic. Instead, this pilot for Hit the Bricks feels like podcasting’s companion to Steven Universe or Over the Garden Wall. It has such a clear sense of place and feeling, allowing itself to exist sweetly and without a shred of irony. In 2018, it felt so needed." -Wil Williams, 2018's Best in Podcasts.

  • "Hit The Bricks takes a familiar magic place from our childhood and returns us for more lesson on brains hearts and courage all the while with characters that are as familiar as home! Highly recommended to take the journey and “Hit The Bricks” back to Oz with this warm-hearted modern take." -Walter Kreuger, Founder of Oz Collectors United.

  • "Probably one of my favorite recent episodes is the pilot for Hit the Bricks, a whimsical journey back to Oz with a relatable character voiced in spectacular form by Wolf 359’s Michelle Agresti. I relistened to it just so that I could soak up the sound of Oz; PJ Blankenship and his Hit the Bricks team have somehow managed to package into audio the sensation that I had from reading the Oz books, while still keeping it fresh and new. The music, in particular, helps with its misty tone and dreamy vocals. This was a stellar pilot, and the highlight of the week." -Elena Fernández-Collins, Audio Dramatic

  • "Hit The Bricks displays a rich knowledge of L. Frank Baum's world along with a readiness to create new stories relevant to modern audiences." -Jay Davis, The Royal Blog of Oz

  • "When I heard the first episode of Hit the Bricks, I was immediately struck by one thing above all others: this really, truly feels like Oz. The world, the characters, the story, the morals, every nook and cranny of this world shows a tremendous respect for the source material, and a desire to make something fresh and brand new. For decades we’ve languished in stories of Oz that play up the nostalgia for the ’39 film, or try to pedantically mine the fringes of Baum’s world for notoriety. But PJ Scott-Blankenship’s radio play does neither of these. Instead, it promises to tell us stories in this magical world not for the sake of it being a story in Oz, but for the sake of Oz having stories once more. I believe now more than ever we need to return to Oz, and I know that Hit the Bricks is the show that will take us there." -TH Ponders, Creator of Accession

  • "The pilot episode of @HitTheBricksPod came out! This was a beautiful beginning to what I am sure is going to be a fascinating story! I can't wait for the rest of the series! #AudioDramaSunday" - Ayla Taylor, Creator of Tides

  • "For #audiodramasunday this week, we recommend the hauntingly lush and beautiful first episode of @HitTheBricksPod. We’re really excited to see where this goes." - Jeff Van Dreason, Co-creator of Greater Boston

  • "This #AudioDramaSunday, we just finished Episode 0: Lost of @HitTheBricksPod and already can't wait to discover where this road will take us!! If you're a wanderer like us, be sure to check out the show " - Eli Barraza Creator of the Far Meridian