Casting Call: OPEN CALL

Hit the Bricks is looking for voice actors to join us on our journey to Oz. Here are some details about working with us:

Right now we are looking for actors who may be interested in joining the series if crowdfunding should prove successful and we are looking into securing parts so that we may record a teaser or trailer for that crowdfunding campaign.

The series will have a large cast, though no more than half a dozen characters at a time may appear in a single episode, usually.
Please note all parts are paid, though the fee for the trailer will be smaller than the rest of the series.
You must be over 18-years-old, and non-union to audition
. Many roles will be open to any gender identity or race, but some will be written with specific identities in mind (in particular, people of color and people outside the gender binary). As such, we have fields that ask about those identities, but you can put that you prefer not to say if it makes you uncomfortable. 
If you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York, we may be able to assist you with recording if you land a role but for the most part, we expect to hire remote actors with their own recording set up. Your audition should be representative of the highest quality you can achieve on your own. 

Please send your audition and the completed fields to, subject: (YOUR NAME) Hit The Bricks Audition. It is 100% okay if you have no prior experience in audio dramas. 

Details to disclose


The following is the audition text for Hit the Bricks. You'll notice instead of lines, we are asking you read a passage from the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as we have many characters to cast and some surprises down the road. You are encouraged to show your range, and not just read but perform the parts. We are looking for sincerity above all. You may send us up to three takes of this passage.

Audition Text

(Context: Just outside the Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends reach a friendly house at dusk where they find friendly owners who allow them to eat dinner with them and pass the night.)

So they all entered the house, where there were (besides the woman who'd let them in) two children and a man. The man had hurt his leg, and was lying on the couch in a corner. They seemed greatly surprised to see so strange a company, and while the woman was busy laying the table the man asked:

"Why do you wish to see the terrible Oz?"

"I want him to give me some brains," said the Scarecrow eagerly.

"Oh, Oz could do that easily enough," declared the man. "He has more brains than he needs."

"And I want him to give me a heart," said the Tin Woodman.

"That will not trouble him," continued the man, "for Oz has a large collection of hearts, of all sizes and shapes."

"And I want him to give me courage," said the Cowardly Lion.

"Oz keeps a great pot of courage in his Throne Room," said the man, "which he has covered with a golden plate, to keep it from running over. He will be glad to give you some."

"And I want him to send me back to Kansas," said Dorothy.

"Where is Kansas?" asked the man, with surprise.

"I don't know," replied Dorothy sorrowfully, "but it is my home, and I'm sure it's somewhere."

"Very likely. Well, Oz can do anything; so I suppose he will find Kansas for you. But first you must get to see him, and that will be a hard task; for the Great Wizard does not like to see anyone, and he usually has his own way. But what do YOU want?" he continued, speaking to Toto.

Toto only wagged his tail; for, strange to say, he could not speak.